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Information on Admission

 Information on Admission in 2020/21 School Year


Applicants would apply to EDB for the "Registration Certificate for KG admission" ("RC") from September to November 2019.

Upon receipt of the applications with all necessary information and documents provided, EDB will generally take six to eight weeks to complete processing of the applications and issue the "RC" / "KG Admission Pass" ("AP") to eligible applicants by post.

Parents may call the EDB’s Regional Education Offices, the Joint Office for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres or the EDB hotline for enquiry. 


  Hong Kong Regional Education Office 2863 4646
  Kowloon Regional Education Office 3698 4108
  NT East Regional Education Office 2639 4876
  NT West Regional Education Office 2437 7272
  Joint Office for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres 3107 2197
  EDB Hotline 2891 0088


Or by the Link stated below:

Free Quality Kindergarten Education

Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens for the 2019/20 School Year

Collection of Application Forms

1. Download Application Form

2. Obtain from school in person







Return of Application Forms (Now accepting applications)

1. Application deadline: 12/10/2019(SAT)

2. Please include:

   *1 ID Photo (2")

   *Photocopy of your child’s birth certificate and Immunisation record

     (Original copy is needed for checking by officer)

   *3 self-addressed stamped envelopes

     (4" x 9" with $2 stamps and write your child’s name on the envelope)

   *Application fee: $40 

           Obtain from school on person: to be collect together with the application form by cash or cheque

           By post:  to be collect together with the application form by cheque only    

                          (Back side of the cheque should contain applicant's name and phone number)

           Cheque issued to: Chinese Y.M.C.A. Kindergarten


Upon receipt of notification of admission to K1, parents must complete the registration procedures in person at the school during the "centralized registration dates"

  • For half-day classes, parents should submit the “2020/21 RC or voucher”, pay $970 for ”registration fee”and 2 self-addressed stamped envelopes
  • For whole-day classes, parents should submit the “2020/21 RC or voucher” and pay $1,570 for “ registration fee”and 2 self-addressed stamped envelopes
  • If parents decide to change to another school after registration, please notify the kindergarten. The kindergarten will return the "2020/21 RC". The registration fee will not be refunded. 


  2020-2021 Enrollment Flow Sheet